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The event budget is an integral part of the event. The Odyssey Group works closely with the client to develop a budget that reflects the income and expenses for the event. The registration fee is set so the event does not have a budget deficit and helps promote future events. We closely monitor the budget through all planning stages.

  • Develop preliminary budget of cost projections.

  • Set final budget including expense items and registration fees so that there is not a budget deficit.

  • Establish event account to deposit event registration fees and pay event related expenses.

  • Collect event income via debit/credit card, checks, and ACH payments.

  • Pay invoices associated with the event. Client is responsible for all direct costs associated with the event. Any event profit will be given back to client.

  • Monitor and track income and expenses.

  • Report financial status.

  • Prepare final budget report.



Catering needs would be creatively accommodated through collaborative work with venue staff, giving priority to maximizing the event budget. We always keep in mind the cost to participants, dietary restrictions, and strive to make every aspect of an event affordable. We also strive to be environmentally conscious and minimize food waste to maximize the catering budget.

  • Order food and beverage for event including meals, receptions, and breaks.

  • Ensure order accuracy and match onsite deliver to the Banquet Event Order (BEO).

  • Ensure onsite delivery is on time and that all catering items meet or exceed client expectations.

  • Pursue the use of local, smaller businesses, and sustainable food.

  • Minimize waste and maximize value.



​​The Odyssey Group has expertise that can only be achieved through years of generating and executing strong contracts that protect the client’s interests and minimizes risk. We will work with all contractors to ensure an appropriate and affordable contract for all aspects of the event.

  • Generate contracts that provide minimum risk to client

  • Oversee contract negotiations to preserve client's interests

  • Negotiate contracts for affordability concerning the event budget


The tasks of planning, administrating, and executing the plan for an event fall under this category. The planning stages of an event are key to creating an event that participants feel have met their needs. We recognize the efficiency of direct and consistent communication, of establishing benchmarks on a timeline, and of utilizing technology to support the ability to achieve peak performance during the planning, execution, and evaluation phases of an event.

  • Serve as the event consultant and act as liaison between client and participants/customers.

  • Develop a detailed timeline.

  • Develop a budget for the event and manage income and expenses.

  • Work with client to develop the event setting and mood the client wants to portray and incorporate it into the event website.

  • Regularly report to client on progress/issues relevant to the event including weekly registration reports.

  • Organize and keep records of all event participants, presenters, sponsors, and vendors and prepare final reports for the event.

  • Attend post event meetings to evaluate the overall event logistics, quality of programs, and future enhancements to event planning.

  • Compile and tabulate program evaluations and provide a report to client. The final report shall contain a final agenda, summary of the evaluations, registration information for participants and exhibitors, a financial summary, and recommendations for future events including issues/concerns and comments.



With emails leading most marketing campaigns today, it is crucial to have a strong marketing and promotion plan to capture the attention of your target audience. The Odyssey Group utilizes several platforms of marketing to strengthen an organization’s brand while meeting specified goals for a given project, driving revenue, and reaching the attended audience. We have found that our clients benefit from creating an integrated marketing communions plan which saves money, connects more deeply with target audiences and constituents, and adds value to sponsorships.

  • Develop integrated marketing communications plan that includes timelines, tactics, and key participants needed with execution.

  • Design digital marketing materials, event programs and brochures, and web-based items to attract event participates, sponsors, and exhibitors

  • Design and execute an integrated marketing communications process through persuasive brand communication strategies using multiple formats.

  • Design, print, and distribute all event promotional materials as part of the comprehensive marketing plan.

  • Design and maintain an event website that is modern, attractive, clean, timely, relevant, easy to navigate ,and specifically answers questions constituents are asking.

  • Interface with local and national media.

  • Design and execute a plan to aggressively pursue sponsorships and exhibitors.

  • Become familiar with existing audiences and research potential new audiences.

  • Disseminate materials to selected audiences utilizing various platforms.

  • Approval from client will be obtained before executing plan

Glass Buildings
Onsite Logistics

Onsite Logistics

A participant’s first impression is important to how they view the entire event. The Odyssey Group strives to make a participant feel welcome during the registration/check in process and makes sure the event site and catering staff do their part in creating a successful event. With clear signage and knowledgeable staff, participants start the event with a positive experience.

  • Confirm reservation of event meeting room space, lodging facilities, food service, audio visual needs, and transportation.

  • Serve as the liaison between the client with the event venue and staff for all arrangements, including coordination of menu planning and catering guarantees, meeting room set ups, and ordering appropriate audiovisual equipment for sessions.

  • Prior to the event, inspect event facilities and arrange for any needed changes.

  • Serve as the contact with the facility staff for all arrangements, and act as liaison between client, presenters, participants, and the facility staff.

  • Coordinate the set up of all audiovisual equipment and ensure the event facility has onsite staff to assist with any technical or logistical issues that might arise with audiovisuals. Coordinate with the onsite technicians to assist with any client-owned equipment used onsite at the event.

  • Work with the event facility management to correct any problems related to the facility and its services.

  • Transport or ship all materials to the event site.

  • Conduct post event negotiations with hotel for adjustments to final payment in regard to any breach of contract or failure to provide an acceptable level of service.

Onsite Management

Onsite Management

The Odyssey Group prides itself on an efficient and modern process for registering and checking in participants. With clear signage, knowledgeable staff and great customer service, participants start the event with a positive experience. We know there is only one opportunity to make a good first impression. We will train and utilize volunteers to assist The Odyssey Group staff. Monitoring all aspects is an active and ongoing process throughout the event.

  • Set up and carry out onsite registration and check in.

  • Staff registration/information booths during event hours to assist participants, presenters, sponsors, and vendors.

  • Provide staff for onsite registration and train volunteers to assist.

  • Create clear signage for all aspects of the event.

  • Arrange for security as needed.

  • Monitor exhibits, breakouts, catering, and other activities.

  • Provide admissions control.



The Odyssey Group makes sure all parties involved in the event understand their responsibilities. Communication is vital on all levels, from keynote presenters to moderators.

  • Develop an online submission registration form for a request/call for presenters.

  • Develop contracts with scheduled event speakers.

  • Work with the committee on the selection process for presenters.

  • Assist in the scheduling of any keynotes, panel presentations, workshops, papers, roundtable sessions, or posters.

  • Arrange and coordinate flights, transportation, and lodging arrangements for speakers as needed.

  • Obtain speaker’s information including: title and description, biographical information, handouts, AV needs, room setup, and other accommodation.

  • Maintain constant communication with all speakers regarding presentations and participation.

  • Assist presenters onsite with logistics to ensure a successful presentation.

  • Schedule session monitors, prepare monitor packets, and communicate with monitors regarding breakout sessions.

  • Collect handouts and materials from presenters for event program/brochure and website.

  • Collect and send event evaluations to presenters as requested.

  • Send thank you notes to all presenters and exhibitors after the event.



The Odyssey Group uses the most modern, intuitive, and comprehensive registration software and payment systems. Using logic-based systems, we work with the client to determine the data and information that needs to be collected for all online forms. Thoroughly collecting data prior to the event makes registration onsite run smoothly and efficiently and helps understand and engage with event participants.

  • Develop registration materials.

  • Conduct detailed marketing campaign to promote registrations.

  • Communicate with all parties interested in the event.

  • Monitor registrations and answer all participant questions.

  • Create and send automated emails, confirmation emails, along with detailed information regarding the event as registrations are received.

  • Send invoices, collect registration fees, and provide receipts.

  • Send a weekly registration report to client.

  • Send detailed reminder emails to registered participants prior to the event detailing essential information and logistics.

  • Assemble onsite materials including name tags, programs, agendas, evaluations, and handouts.

  • Provide onsite registration and payment system to collect onsite registrations and payments.

  • Organize and keep records of all event participants and prepare final registration and financial reports after the event.

Venue Selection

Venue Selection

Selecting the right venue for an event is crucial to its success. Using formats recognized industry-wide, we will customize and disseminate a Request for Proposal (RFP) that will identify potential sites. The Odyssey Group will conduct a site visit to ensure the facilities are adequate to meet the needs of the event. An assessment of the insurance/risk management will be made at that time.

  • Research for potential future sites, negotiate pricing, and make recommendations.

  • Confirm reservation of event meeting room space, lodging facilities, audio visuals, and transportation.

  • Secure appropriate signatures on facility contracts.

  • Prior to the event, inspect event facilities and arrange for any needed changes.

  • Conduct an insurance/risk assessment and make recommendations.

  • Process and confirm online sponsorship registrations.

  • Collect and deposit all fees and provide updates to client.

Website Design

Website Design

Your company or event's website is most likely your customer or clientele's first exposure to your business. Having a contemporary, organized, user-friendly, accessible, and attractive website is crucial. TOG can mimic your current website or build a website from scratch that is tailored specifically to your company or event's needs with the latest web-based and mobile-based technology. Sticking to your company or event's branding, The Odyssey Group will develop a stylish but accessible website, focusing on the small details that help put your customer and clientele first.

  • Mimic, build, develop, and/or maintain a contemporary website that is both user-friendly and attractive.

  • Integrate your company or event's branding guidelines throughout the website to maintain a strong brand.

  • Imbed logos, videos, pictures, registration forms, light-boxes, slideshows, and other features.

  • Provide website analytics of customer views, page traffic, and other virtual data.

  • Update and maintain the website on an ongoing basis so information is never outdated.

  • Design the website to be browser and mobile-friendly.

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